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Welcome!  We are so grateful that you are considering partnering with us as we invest in the lives of the incredible young people who walk through our doors each day.  Through the faithful support of our community over the past 32 years, The Imani School has been able to provide a Christ-centered education and develop self-confident, academically excellent, Christian leaders. Your generosity is helping to change lives!

The Imani School is an independent, nonprofit, Christian school.  As such, it receives no financial support from any church or government agency.   Your support and participation in fundraisers and special events, your charitable donations, directly impact our greatest assets—our students and our teachers.  Far-reaching and essential, the funds raised make it possible to do those things, to purchase the equipment that we want for our children,  but for which tuition alone is insufficient.  Every dollar raised benefits our children.

With your help, our fundraising has enabled us to :

Retain excellent teachers 

Upgrade technology

Build a new toddler playground 

Erect a fence along Post Oak Rd.

Renovate the restrooms 

Install new lighting

Purchase class tablets

 Enhance STEM program


Let’s go right to the bottom line – my family is already paying tuition. Why should I make a donation or participate in fundraising as well? 

The bottom line is this: Your gift supports the people and programs that make The Imani School so special. This means talented teachers. Small classes. Educational resources that our children need. Up-to-date technology. Accommodations for different learning styles. And exceptional offerings in everything from the arts to athletics. Gifts are necessary because tuition does not cover all the opportunities your child receives. That is why independent schools need auxiliary revenue sources such as summer programs, and yes, fundraising. 

Is my donation to The Imani School tax-deductible?   

Yes, as The Imani School is a nonprofit tax-exempt, 501c3 organization, you are eligible to receive a federal charitable deduction for the amount of your contribution. 

Why not just raise tuition? 

Simply increasing tuition would eventually make The Imani School unaffordable for most families.   We strive to be a community of learners who are diverse in many ways.   A gift to the School is tax-deductible.  Therefore, it's actually less expensive for families to meet this cost of education by giving a tax-deductible gift.

How much should I give? 

We ask each family to participate at a level appropriate for that family’s unique financial circumstances.   All we ask is that you give no more or no less than you are able. Every gift, regardless of size, is important and helps support the school in essential ways. We strive to have 100% participation from current families.   The Imani School is a nonprofit, tax exempt  501.c.3 organization.  All contributions are tax-deductible. 

But does my support or contribution really make a difference? 

Yes!    Every gift, regardless of size, when combined with other gifts makes big things happen.  Each gift is an endorsement for Imani and has a much broader impact than its financial support alone.   Foundations, grant-making institutions, and other donors all look at parent  participation as a key indicator of satisfaction.   If the parents whose children are attending the school don’t support the school, why should they?   If our parent community stands behind the school, those organizations deem Imani more deserving of their support as well.

 Is Imani eligible for employer matching gifts?

 Yes!  Many corporations have giving programs in place to promote charitable giving among employees.  In these programs, companies offer to match employee gifts to certain charities and schools.  Many businesses match these gifts at a 1:1 ratio, but some will even triple or quadruple the gift amount.  However, every year millions of dollars in donations are left unmatched by employers simply because their employees are unaware of the matching gift program at their company.  Please ask your employer about matching gift programs that may benefit our school.