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Stimulating early learning means that you try to understand your child's innate drive to learn, to explore, to fill his developing brain's urgent needs for sensory stimuli and satisfying learning experiences, just as you try to understand and fill the needs of his body for nourishing foods.  Your child's first learning experience is important. That is why The Imani School for Infants & Toddlers has devoted much time and consideration into creating a warm, loving, and sensory stimulating environment which will enable your child to become everything that God has intended.

An enriching, culturally abundant environment...

Our staff members are specially trained to understand your child's growth and facilitate his development.  The teacher functions as a scene-setter who provides a loving atmosphere full of learning experiences your child can choose for himself and as a coach who cheers him on and shares the exhilaration of his accomplishments. They surround him with language, used freely and naturally.  They applaud his efforts, respond to him when he tries and when he succeeds, cuddle him, read to him, and provide him with the space needed to develop his growing independence.

The carefully planned classrooms are designed to stimulate your child's growth.  Toys and equipment are specifically chosen to promote the child's physical, social, emotional, sensory, and intellectual development.  The Imani School for Infants & Toddlers is a special place created with the purpose of assisting parents in meeting their child's early developmental and educational needs. 

The Imani School for Infants & Toddlers is committed to the strengthening of the family unit, the acquisition of values, and the exemplification of the Christian faith.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” ~ Stacia Tauscher