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Students don’t enroll in The Imani School.  Families do.  The support and participation of parents is seen as critical to the success and well-being of students.  With the enrollment of your child, we have become partners in the development and educational processes.  Your ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism are welcome.  It is hoped that each parent will find some avenue  for active involvement.  

Parents are involved in the planning and implementation of programs which touch the very core of the Imani School.  The library, the newsletter, the computer lab, and Harvest Fest are all the results of the work and dedication of Imani parents.  We thank God for a school family which is committed to helping our school become all that God is calling it to be. an idea?  See something that needs to be improved?  Well, come on, jump right in, roll up your sleeves and help make Imani totally awesome!  After all,  it’s your child and all the children who will benefit!

Guide To Supporting and Getting Involved

Imani is a place where you belong; a community where we come together to give our time, our talents, and our resources for the benefit of our children.   Everyone has ideas or skills that can help our school succeed and be an even better place for our children to learn and become all that God purposes.   Let’s do this together! 


Classroom parents assist the teachers in planning and executing holiday parties, end of year celebrations, field trip volunteers, and other needs as they arise. Classroom parents may also work with teachers to ensure that pertinent information is communicated efficiently and correctly to all parents in the classroom.  The time commitment varies throughout the year. 

This committee will plan and execute an all-school parent social to be held in the fall of 2022. Time commitment will be a few hours to plan the event as well as attendance at the event. 

Harvest Fest is an annual school and community “fun-raiser” which happens the first Saturday in November.   Volunteers work with teachers to plan and set up activities,  and coordinate volunteers to work a 1-2 hour schedule in their child's class activity.   The time commitment is a few hours in October and attendance at the event.

This is a new committee and presents a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor.   The MS Social committee will plan and supervise two social activities for middle school students.  One will be a back-to-school event and one will be held during the second semester.

Come help our young athletes and Cheerleaders have a more enjoyable and rewarding experience competing in the sports they love.    These parents give their time and energy to promote school spirit,  provide drinks and healthy snacks for athletes, and concession activities during competitions.   Volunteers may also host an end of the year Athletic Award Banquet.   You can become active even if your child does not participate in any sport.   

Parent Ambassadors are the official welcoming committee for our newly enrolled families.   Volunteers on this committee will serve as hosts at the New Parent Reception, and Open House and work with new families throughout the year to answer questions that may arise and ensure a smooth transition into the Imani School Family. This is a great way to help new families feel engaged and continue to foster our strong school community. The time commitment is very flexible. 

This new event is a “fun-raiser”!  It is a great opportunity to shape what may become an annual tradition at Imani.  This committee will plan an all school social for parents in the fall.  They will be responsible for coordinating food trucks and live musical entertainment for the event. The time requirement for this committee will be a few hours over the summer to plan the event.