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The Imani School is a private, Christian school which offers an excellent education to students from preschool through eighth grade.  Our philosophy affirms the global truth that each child is a unique individual created by and in the image of God.    

The Imani School has rapidly gained a reputation for academic excellence within a supportive, family environment which promotes leadership and self-esteem.  Imani is an exciting place to go to school.  Students are hardworking, enthusiastic and respectful; faculty are caring and challenging; parents are supportive and involved.  Smaller classes, individual attention, close student –teacher relationships, a rigorous curriculum and an expectation of excellence all work together to create confident, competent, caring children.

The Imani School is committed to the strengthening of the family unit, the acquisition of values and the exemplification of the Christian faith.


With tuition costs a concern, parents should ask themselves if they are making the right choice.  What makes The Imani School special?  What sets it apart from other educational institutions?  What makes The Imani School worth it?  These are questions frequently asked by parents, prospective parents, and members of the community.  Here are some of the reasons...

The Imani School is a family place with Christ as the central figure.  The spiritual atmosphere permeates everything that is done.  Children are taught spiritual values.  In a secular environment, God takes a back seat- if He is allowed at all.  The turbulent times we live in demand that children be provided with a strong moral fiber, a set of moral values that will serve as their support and strength when making decisions.  

The Imani School puts a “living spiritually that develops ethical values that go beyond the classroom” first and foremost. We learn the Gospel values in the classroom, celebrate these values in Chapel, and share them with the community through service projects.   The Imani School is committed to the strengthening of the family unit, the acquisition of values and the exemplification of the Christian faith.

When you look at your child, you see unlimited possibilities.  So do we.   Teachers are here because of a deep love and strong commitment to children.  We believe in our children, and therefore, our children believe in themselves.  This gives children  a feeling of self-worth and an understanding that they are special creations of  God and worthy of His love.   Our teachers help develop that feeling of self-confidence and inner strength so that their students are armed to cope with life’s challenges. 

Teachers willingly spend extra time working with the students developing each one to his or her potential.  Even though the pace is challenging, each child is given the encouragement and assistance that he or she needs.  “Help” classes after school serve to enrich and to support.  This is yet another way Imani builds self confidence to carry students through life.   Smiles, hugs, and words of encouragement go a long way, helping individuals be the best they can be. 

We understand the value of parental involvement and the vital role that parents play in the education of their children.  Parents know their child in a way that the school cannot.  The administration and teachers encourage parents to email or conference whenever there is a concern.  Each teacher understands the value of developing an open, working relationship with parents.  Parents are welcome on campus and encouraged to be a part of school life. 

Imani provides a safe and protective environment that makes learning possible.  We create a culture at the school where our students know what is acceptable and what is not.  Students are taught to “Act in a manner that honors God, your parents, yourself and others.”   Teachers know the children and their parents.  Discipline problems are diminished when parents share the same values and a sense of trust exists between the school, the student and the parents.  

We strive to teach:
  • There are consequences for their behavior
  • To be respectful and considerate 
  • To make good choices