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One of  Imani's greatest strength is its faculty.  Our teachers represent a striking array of backgrounds, talents, and interests. When they chose to work at Imani they did just not take a job, they embraced a professional calling and a professional commitment to student achievement.  Our teachers support, challenge, inspire and when needed, call students to task.

The administrator and faculty members not only attend, but are sought after presenters at workshops and professional conferences both regionally and nationally.  Our innovative and effective learning techniques draw visitors from across the nation.   

  Name Title
Lori Anderson Anderson, Lori Pre-K 4 Teacher
Shardia Barber Barber, Shardia Kindergarten Teacher
Covetta Blanks Blanks, Covetta Pre-K Teacher
Eric Crespo Crespo, Eric Middle School Math Instructor
Mack Davis Davis, Mack Middle School Science Instructor
Crystal Evans Evans, Crystal 1st Grade Teacher
Lanayee Ferguson Ferguson, Lanayee 4th Grade Teacher
Jesikka Harleston Harleston, Jesikka Pre-K 3 Teacher
Vera Hartley Hartley, Vera Pre-K 4 Teacher
Andrea Hollingsworth Hollingsworth, Andrea 3rd Grade Teacher
Dwayne Hunter Hunter, Dwayne African American Studies
Jason Hurns Hurns, Jason 3rd Grade Teacher
Janice Lincoln Lincoln, Janice Kindergarten Teacher
Melvin Meade Meade, Melvin Teacher
Shawna Meade Meade, Shawna 1st Grade Teacher
Danita Minor Minor, Danita Art Teacher
Movita Newton Newton, Movita 2nd Grade Teacher
Gerardo Romero Romero, Gerardo Spanish Teacher
Yvette Smith Smith, Yvette Middle School ELA Instructor
Larita Wilson Wilson, Larita Speech Teacher
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