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We would love for you and your student(s) to join the Imani School family.

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A Tradition of Excellence

Always rooted in excellence, The Imani School has provided an academically rigorous and holistically enriching experience to a completely African American student body for the past three decades, combining the traditional tenets of private education — intimate class sizes, expert faculty, inventive technology, assorted curriculars, and more — with cultural enlightenment and faith-based foundation specifically tailored to children of color. 

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What We Offer

Research has shown that children live up to, or down to the level of expectations set for them. As a result, Imani sets standards high from the beginning of a child’s educational journey, providing an enriched, developmentally appropriate, and highly challenging education for its student body, while supplying each student with the instruction and support needed to reach each milestone.

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A Theological Foundation

Our mission is to develop self-confident, academically excellent, leaders. Our name Imani — which means faith in Swahili — was chosen because we are always striving to instill faith in oneself as well as in God. With this goal in mind, everything we do is purposeful, upholding the goal of not only reminding our children who they are but whose they are.  

Our Philosophy
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Faith & Fortitude: How Comprehensive Cultural Education Helps Imani Combat the Achievement Gap

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