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When setting our tuition, the school carefully considers the needs of our families and the needs of the school to expand programming and attract and retain the best teachers and administrators. Thank you for your continued prayers, commitment, and support for our children’s education.

Preschool Tuition & Enrollment Fees

Application Fee
Pre-K3 and Pre-K4

Kindergarten-Eighth Grade Tuition & Registration Fees

New Student Application Fee

New Student Registration

Second Semester Fee







10 Payments









New Students Application Fee (per child)                           $75 
New Students Registration Fee                                             $500
All New and Returning Students                                                             
     Registration Fee                                                                $500
     Second Semester Fee (due January 16)                       $270    

Tuition Payment Options     
     Full Tuition payment will receive a discount of 4%     
     Semi-Annual Payment Plan paid in two installments August and January.     
     Monthly Payment Plan paid in 10 monthly installments beginning August through May.    
     Monthly installments are paid to FACTS Tuition Management Services on the 5th and/or 20th of each month 
       using automatic deduction from your checking or savings account. FACTS assess a Financing Fee of $49.00 
       per year.    
     Families unable to establish a FACTS account are required to make a deposit of the last month tuition.     

Additional Fees: 
     Field trips, athletic fees and other fees are paid separately as invoiced. 
     Imani provides a nutritious lunch for all students. Students in Kindergarten-8th grade may bring
       their lunch or lunches may be purchased in advance online only. Preschool breakfast, lunch and afternoon 
       snacks are provided and included in the tuition cost.    
     Fundraising helps to contain the cost of tuition and benefits every child enrolled. Each family is     
       expected to participate in fundraising activities that support our school. If you choose to opt out of     
       fundraising activities, a $250 fee will be added to your account per student.     

General Financial Information: 
     All fees and tuition are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
     Enrollment in Imani denotes an intent to remain for the entire school year. In the event of early 
       withdrawal, parents are responsible for tuition for the entire school year. 
     Late payments incur a fee of $25. 
     Any family whose tuition account falls in arrears and has not made alternative arrangements with
       the Business Manager in writing, will have their student's report cards held and may be removed 
       or restricted from all extracurricular activities. Students' accounts must be cleared prior to any records being released.
     Fees help to cover the cost of textbooks, consumable workbooks, technology expenses, supplemental programs, 

       and other classroom materials, essential to your child’s education.

 Extended Day Policy:   
●     Families should sign up in advance to reserve their child’s spot.   
●     Advanced Registration Rate: $10 per student/day. Extended Day charges are   
        invoiced monthly.   
●     Drop-in Rate: $15 per student/day for any students that are not pre-registered.   
●     Late pick-up charge: $2.00/minute after 6:00 p.m.