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Xavier Fefie - Major General

The highest ranking officer in the Golden Knights Chess Team, Xavier has earned an incredible eight tournament trophies representing the Imani School. In addition to chess, he is a member of the Imani Varsity Basketball team, the Varsity Football team, and a Beta Club member. Xavier is an “A” Honor Roll student and knows how to play the drums, guitar, and keyboard.


Malcolm Turner - Lt. Colonel

Malcolm has won five tournament chess trophies during his tenure as a member of the Imani Golden Knights chess team. Like his teammate and friend Xavier Fefie, he is an honor student who is a member of the Beta Club and also a member of the Football and basketball teams.


Hannah Johnson - Major

Hannah has been a part of the Imani Chess team since she was in Kindergarten. Recently, she was promoted to Major by winning her fourth tournament chess trophy. Besides chess, Hannah has been successful in the Spelling Bee, Math Olympics , Soccer, Girl Scouts, and Speech Competition. Her score in chess competitions is the following: 40 tournament games played, 18 wins, 6 draws, 16 losses.


Ethan Jett - Captain

Like his teammate Hannah, Ethan has been a very valuable member of the Imani Chess team for almost five years. After winning his third tournament chess trophy, Ethan was awarded the rank of Captain. He has enjoyed a lot of success in the sport of Soccer as well as in Chess. Ethan is an all “A” honor student who has succeeded in Speech Competition, Math Olympics, and in Art Competitions.


Sydnee Thomas - Captain

Sydnee Thomas made Imani history by becoming the first female Chess champion in school history when she won the first place trophy for her section at the Awty International School chess tournament on September 13, 2014. She has won a total of three chess tournament trophies as of February 2015, thus making her a Captain.


Ian Rosenthal - Captain

Ian Rosenthal has quickly established himself as one of the best chess players in the Imani Chess Team. In half a school year, Ian has been promoted to Captain after having earned two trophies and a medal in four tournaments he’s attended. He is also in the Imani Boys Varsity Basketball team and is a great Spanish student and an honor student.


Ryan Baty - Captain

Ryan Baty is known by his teammates as “the mentor” because he enjoys helping his other teammates become better chess players by helping them out when they are beginners. He has shown strong leadership qualities and has also won three tournament trophies, helping him attain the rank of Captain in the Imani Golden Knights. Ryan is an honor student who excels in Math, Speech, Spelling, and many other subjects. His favorite chess players in history are Paul Morphy and Bobby Fischer.

Emmanuel Humber - 1st Lieutenant

Emmanuel Humber is in third grade and has been in the Imani Chess team for two years. He has won two tournament chess trophies and has risen to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Emmanuel has helped the Imani Chess team win several team trophies, including it’s last two championships. He is an honor student who loves to play chess.


Thaddeus Ellison - Captain

Thaddeus Ellison is a fourth grader who has a rank of 1st Lieutenant in the Imani Golden Knights Chess Team. He has won two tournament trophies and has helped the team win at least ten team trophies. In addition to chess, Thaddeus other intellectual pursuits include learning how to speak in  Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.


Dylan Wills - 1st Lieutenant

Dylan Wills is a first grader who has a rank of 1st Lieutenant in the Imani Golden Knights Chess Team. He has won two tournament trophies and has risen to the rank of 1st Lieutienant.. In addition to chess,  Dylan is active in Football, Gymnastics, and Basketball.



Ilana Braden-Rahim - 2nd Lieutenant

Although Ilana has only been in the chess team for two years, she has already won a tournament trophy and has shown to be cool under pressure. She is an honor student who enjoys playing chess and is developing into a great chess player. She is currently ranked as a 2nd  Lieutenant.