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The play’s the thing, said Shakespeare. On one side of the lights is the audience, hungry for drama. On the other side are the players who strut and fret in costumes and make-up, each peering outward through the mask of an assumed self, spinning a delicate web we yearn to enter.

Imani students learn every aspect of stage performance and support: acting, diction, movement, costuming, set design and construction. They study dramatic literature with opportunities for every child from preschool to 8th grade, to participate in school productions.


Music is our almost constant companion – in concerts, on rides across town or to the 30th floor, in church pews next to vocalists of equal limitation, in joyous celebration and in the depths of grief, in the background of our daily routines and in full frontal stereo when we wish to soar on wings of sound.

Imani students receive classes with professional musicians, plus training in music theory, aural development, sight-singing, and keyboard and music history. Through classroom instruction, disciplined practice and performance opportunities, students learn to communicate, inspire, and entertain in solo and in ensembles.

Check out scenes from our last production!