Re-Enrollment 2017-18

The Imani School operates on a well-defined and compelling mission to create a very specific learning experience for your child.  Our ability to deliver that mission hinges on having a very particular faculty, and providing very specific training, so that we can deliver that mission and give you a predictable outcome.  We can’t do that if we do not know the number of students to anticipate at each level.  Registering early helps us plan and saves you money! 


The cost of re-registration is $575. This includes registration, materials and technology fees.  Payment of at least $300.00 must be paid by March 1, 2017 to reserve a space. The balance is due by April 15th. 
The registration fees will increase to $600.00 before April 15, and $700 after April 15 so register early and save money! Tuition must be current to reserve a space for the next year.
Our tuition allows us to retain and attract committed, highly qualified teachers,  make needed upgrades to programs and facilities, and continue to fulfill the  vital mission of our school. We are excited about some of the enhancements that you can anticipate.  
· Coding has been added to the technology classes.  This will be expanded to the lower grades. 
· We will be adding a new math position to allow for greater individualization.  
· The digital math program, Reasoning Mind, will be fully implemented to include preschool through first grade.     
· Additional professional development opportunities for teachers and staff  will be provided




Click here to re-enroll online!