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Imani students have access to the world's information banks through a networked, multifaceted technology program.

  • All classrooms from Pre-kindergarten to 8th grade have networked computers
  • All classrooms from Kindergarten to 8th grade are multimedia learning environments with digital projectors and room wide audio 
  • 7th and 8th grade students are issued Google Chromebooks that are used daily in class
  • Fiber optic cable line provides high-speed access to the internet
  • A secured wireless network is available for students and faculty separately
  • Upgraded server allows increased bandwidth to support more users and tighter security via an enhanced firewall 
  • Students have access to 25 networked workstations in the computer lab and a mobile computer lab with 25 laptops
  • Formal instruction begins in kindergarten

These technologies and programs are not only exciting for the students, they also create a powerful foundation on which to build necessary technological skills.  Imani students gain a working knowledge of how to utilize technology as a tool for success now, in high school and beyond.

Here are some of the multimedia academic programs implemented in the classroom on a daily basis: